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QCAT decides on a number of rental disputes between: with respect to real estate investments and rental, the court may specifically oversee the affairs of the residential rental service: • borrowing matters listed in the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority• housing provided by a disability service provider• private housing services that are not an evacuation order. There are four different divisions that operate within the VCAT. These are the civil, administrative, human rights and housing services. Step 2If your dispute is still not resolved, contact the RTA to resolve your dispute on their dispute resolution service. This service uses conciliation to find an agreement that suits all parties. Conciliation can take place: the RTA successfully resolves the majority of disputes through conciliation, as indicated in the Authority`s annual report. The conciliator will record in writing all agreements made and these will form part of your rental or accommodation agreement. The above considerations are recommended to practitioners when they are about to initiate proceedings or, as is not uncommon, a client has already accepted a VCAT claim and is now seeking representation. The VCAT extended jurisdiction because it was explicitly mentioned in the ACLFTA. However, it can sometimes be found that the VCAT does not have jurisdiction or may have the power to grant the remedy sought in a given case, and it will be easier and less costly in the long run to withdraw and expose itself to the courts. 6. Collection House Ltd v Taylor (2004) 21 VAR 333 at [26]; Simjanoski vs.

La Trobe University (2004) 21 VAR 299 at [4]; Pong Property Development Pty Ltd v Strangio (2005) 23 VAR 128 at [57]; Victorian WorkCover Authority v AB Oxford Cold Storage Co Pty Ltd (undeclared, Supreme Court of Victoria, 1 September 2006) at [29]. There are three types of fees to which you are subject. At Little Real Estate, we train our managers to handle VCAT issues professionally. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your investment property. Disputes of this type are settled by the Magistrates` Court. However, Article 223 of the AcLFTA specifically provides that (with a few exceptions) in the ACL: `Tribunal means. . . . (d) VCAT” and s224 provides that “. .

. VCAT or a competent court may hear and determine a plea resulting from a provision of the ACL. . . .