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How can you see if any changes have been made to the agreements? When maintaining discount agreements or corresponding packaging conditions, the corresponding packaging rates (KONP-KSPAE field) are marked when the data changes which could affect the supporting documents. This happens when retroactive agreements are created or when changing the following fields: Note that you can make a large number of agreements so that your existing agreement does not reverberate. The following steps explain the SAP reduction process flow: The billing document (credit) uses the account key (ERB) to reserve deductions on the corresponding in-kind accounts. Use of the process for existing dataThe is possible. Note that, after the S136 statistical structure is activated, it should be restructured for existing billing statements. This requires the typical function of restructuring statistical data in settlement documents (TA OLI9). There is no need to re-deposit update groups and update documents. The newly structured version must finally be copied in the `000` version (TA OLIX). For existing agreements that have already undergone delimited corrections, there should be no discount correction documents (B2). Otherwise, in the next update of the billing documents, the limits will be recalculated and therefore corrected several times (the archiving procedure takes into account the non-existent discount correction documents!). If necessary, it is possible to cancel the discount vouchers already available. A discount is an agreement between the company and the debtor, valid for a specified period of time.

The discount agreement shows the percentage of the discount offered to Debitor during the specified period. The system calculates deductions for each applicable invoice and reserves them on the corresponding in-kind accounts and also updates them in the corresponding discount agreement. At the end of the period of validity of the rebate contract, the company refunds the amount of the rebate to the customer. The discount criteria (customer, customer and equipment, etc.) Partial count: We must indicate here the type of proof “R3” to establish partial billing requirements when the payment enters the discount agreement. Reduction of hierarchy: It allows packaging kits for a node/material of the customer hierarchy or only according to the hierarchy. Payment method: Shows the standard method for paying the amount of the discount to the debiteur. For example, it could be a credit or a cheque, etc. Delivery of materials: It allows condition rates for a flow/A and uses a calculation based on quantities. Below are the main benefits of using discount solutions at SAP ECC.

Because of the benefits mentioned below, almost all customers who have implemented SAP use this feature to a large extent. Can someone explain how the discount condition is updated in an old billing document. Credit rebates are discount agreements in which discounts are received by a supplier. Configuration-4: Group condition type. The package group indicates the types of discounts to use for the discount agreement. To set up this guy, go ahead; After that, I go back to VBOF and try to update by putting the agreement no, but still not updated. Text search procedure: Include the corresponding text search procedure for the discount agreement with the corresponding text identifier.