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Your starting salary will be negotiated between you and your department head if an appointment is offered. With the exception of librarian, faculty and teaching positions, the university has no minimum salary scales or scales. To negotiate effectively, you should know average salaries for your degree, your faculty and years of experience in this institution and similar institutions. The Faculty Association can provide information on current average salaries to UBC. As a guide to the faculty`s current compensation structure and the various salary increase pools at UBC, here are some details of the current compensation agreement, links to current minimum scales for librarians and training courses, and guidelines for awarding career progress to the faculty. You can check the eligibility of the newly recruited faculty. The terms and conditions of faculty members, librarians and directors of extended learning programs are governed by UBC guidelines and, where appropriate, by the collective agreement between UBC and the Faculty Association. Increases in members of the collective agreement unit are determined by the collective bargaining process and described in the second part of the collective agreement between UBC and UBC Faculty Association. Get more information about the salaries of fee unit members (including librarians and program directors). UBC offers a wide range of benefits for faculty members as part of their total compensation package (with salary and retirement): UBC offers a wide range of vacation options for faculty members, librarians and program directors such as icy sick leave, a new baby with family or for sabbaticals. The collective agreement between UBC and UBC Faculty Association has been ratified by both the UBC Board of Governors and the UBC faculty. For an overview of the benefits and claims available from the UBC faculty, see the full list of benefits for the faculty.

Study leave is seen as an advantage for both the faculty and the university, as it allows the faculty to pursue studies or research. For more information on eligibility requirements and compensation options, see the collective agreement: Part 3 Periods of absence. For more information, see UBC Human Resources. Career Progress Increments (CPI) is granted to eligible members, in accordance with agreed guidelines, if they are included in the agreement negotiated each year. Members who are eligible but do not receive a raise are entitled to a written statement upon request. In cases where a faculty member is promoted before obtaining all the CPI applicable to his rank, the remaining increases are transmitted and (maximum one unit c/f per year) are added to those applicable to the higher rank until they are exhausted.