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Copies of these documents are also available on the TAFE NSW Enterprise Bargaining website. You can find out more about your representation rights during the negotiation process in this email. This is also available on the Enterprise Trading website. More information about enterprise agreements can be found in frequently asked questions or in the enterprise trading brochure. (PDF) Your enterprise agreement defines the terms and conditions of your work, including your compensation, leave, work settlement and dispute resolution process. To learn more about the new enterprise agreements, click on the links below: You can ask questions and give feedback on the negotiation process for companies: We have created webinars to support the implementation and declaration of agreements. Click below, and searh for TAFE-specific training to access these recordings. Victorian TAFE professors in alternating universities are covered by the following dual sector agreements If an enterprise agreement is in effect, the price does not apply. Although the agreement`s nominal expiration date is October 29, 2019, the agreement remains in place until it is replaced. We will begin negotiations on a new agreement in early 2019. If you would like to appoint a negotiator to represent you during the negotiation process (including yourself), send an email to EBUpdate@tafensw.edu.au. The email must contain your full name and electronic signature, as well as the details of the representative you wish to name.

You can appoint a negotiator at any time during the negotiation process. TAFE NSW is in the process of entering into negotiations for a new enterprise agreement for TAFE NSW employees, which will be covered by the Tafe Commission of NSW TAFE Managers Enterprise Agreement 2015. The current agreement expires on June 30, 2017. Today, TAFE NSW has also written to the relevant unions, the community and the public sector union (CPSU) and the Australian Education Union/NSW Teachers Federation (AEU) to begin negotiations. A copy of these letters can be accessed on the “Corporate Bargaining Letters to Trade Unions” page. An important part of the negotiation process is your right to appoint a negotiator to participate in the negotiations on your behalf. There are three ways to get them represented during negotiations: if you have any questions, you can talk to your local partner. The Fair Work Commission website contains very useful information about enterprise agreements or you can also call your infoline on 1300 799 675. Cooperation with our employees to agree on our next enterprise agreements is a priority for all of us. These new agreements will help us shape our employees for the future and build together a successful, competitive and sustainable NSW TAFE.

Tomorrow you will receive an email with a copy of the proposed agreement and a guide for the agreement. I encourage you to take a break from your busy day to understand the proposed agreement and consider voting “yes” in the vote. TAFE Managers Enterprise Agreement Update – January 2016 (PDF version) The proposed enterprise agreement for institute executives (now called TAFE GESTIONNAIRE) contained a number of topics that, according to PSA (CPSU), are not compatible with the Fair Work Act and the corresponding Modern Award. In particular, your union strongly opposes the new form of temporary work known as “maximum term contracts.”