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29 sentences: Pg 84 Phrases made with VERBS that don`t work as verbs! Infinitive phrase (to verb) participatory ensemble (verb) as adjective) Gerphrase (nounaus made of a verb – like the `-ing` form of an English verb, if a name is used) 33 Participatory Expression Uses a participatory (the form of a verb) to perform the function of an adjective in a basic verb set – ing running home, subject verb – Infinitive Phrase 12 A fragment is part of a sentence may miss a subject, a verb may miss or may not complete an expression idea. 44 Dependent fragment type clause: a group of words that contains a subject and a verb, but does not express complete thought because of the initial word. I continued to work on my essay. Even though I was tired. I continued to work on my essay, even though I was tired. FRAGMENT Correct 31 Infinitive or prepositional? An infinitive is the basic form of a verb “Jump” “Questions” A prepositional sentence describes time, Place, possession (where, when and who) “in” “Around” “Over” “Next” 17 exercise 2, 81-82 1. return to the sea (add a theme) 2. a bird on the oak branch (add a verb) 3. between the island and the mainland (addaumeinen subj. and a verb) 4. falcon in a movement (add a verb). 5. Fishing boats in the port (verb) 1.We returned to the sea.

2. A bird was on the oak branch. 3. We swam between the island and the mainland. 4. The falcon was flying in an upward motion. 5. The fishing boats were in the harbour. 5 Review: Subject/Verb Convention 1.

Identify the subject (delete all prepositional phrases, here/here and the apposive phrases) 2. Is the subject a “es” (singular) or a “you” (plural)? 3. Choose the verb that matches (remember the general rule: if the subject has a -s/-it, then the verb will not be!) 43 Common Fragment Types TypesE VERBS: participatory game past or present without the verb helping The student who sleeps in the back row. The student was sleeping at the back. FRAGMENT Correct 3 Review: Subjects – Verbs Subjects perform the action – nomen/pronomen – are NOT in prepositional phrases – are NOT there/where/here (adverbs) – in der regel early in the sentence but can come after the verb ARE the action Objects receive the action. 28 A note about words A word is just a word until it performs a function in a sentence. Some words can be used as names, adjectives, prepositions, interpellations AND verbs! Focus less on the word itself and MORE on the work it does in one sentence. Is a nostun described? It`s an ADJECTIVE! Are you leading the operation? It`s the SUBJECT! Is that the action? It`s a VERB! Wewt! 18 Exercise 2, 82 6.

like a stone that fell into the water. 7. the half moon (verb) 8. fish brought to the tree (subj) 9. fisherman (complete the property). 10. in the mesh (add a Subj and a verb) 6. It fell like a stone into the water. 7. The crescent rose.

8. The falcon carried the fish to the tree. 9 + 10. The fisherman put the fish in the net. 15 SO What is a fragment? There is no subject. the trap The verb is missing from the hunter in the forest Both subjects and verbs are missing in the forest All parts available, but no complete thought The hunter puts 14 fragments of understanding (exercise 2, p. 81) 1. back to the river No theme: Don`t specify who or what 2. a bird on the oak branch No verb: Do not push the action Missing Subject AND Word 3.