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(a) If shown in the documentation, the software may contain or be delivered with third-party software (including open source software or any other software that can be made available to you as a source code). This third-party software is not allowed here and is allowed by clicking on the terms and conditions indicated in the documentation (“third-party license”) by accepting terms and/or third-party software. With the exception of the third-party license, neither Trimble nor Trimble Vendors offer warranty associated with third-party software, and neither Trimble nor Trimble vendors are responsible for these third-party software. “Open Source Software” refers to any “open source” code (as defined by the Open Source Initiative), “free” code (as defined by the Free Software Foundation), community source code, including all libraries or codes licensed General Public License, or any other software provided free of charge on the Internet as a source code. EULA Applicability The PRESENT ARTICLE applies to Lumion`s free demo trial, which is available free of charge to anyone who fills out the corresponding forms on the website: lumion.com/free-trial.html. If the download was obtained by another route, the CLA remains valid for that user. You can use Trimble`s 3D access to 3D models and content for your own use. You can also download 3D models to share templates with other users of the software. The entire use of the 3D warehouse is subject to the 3D warehouse terms of use available on 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/tos.html or succession URL. To use the software, you may need to create a valid user account (“user account”).

Currently, you can create an account by logging in with a valid Google ID (a combination of username and password to access your Google account) or Trimble ID (a combination of username and password issued by Trimble). To log in with a Google ID, you must allow Google to share account information with Trimble and you must keep your Google ID in good condition, given the separate terms of use between google and Google. Authentication information provided by Google Trimble or provided to Trimble may contain personal data processed by Trimble as described below, and we may publicly view the username and profile picture (if any) related to your Trimble or Google account. You can`t create more than one user account per single user. Licensing restrictions that are not specified in the “licensing” must not make or distribute copies of Lumion or transfer Lumion electronically from one computer to another or on a network. You cannot rent, rent or sublicensing Lumion. You must not modify Lumion or create derivative works based on Lumion. It is illegal to make installed copies of Lumion or Lumion installation files available to the general public, including, but is not limited to file hosting sites.